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Brother S-7200BB

Price: call
Item Number: BROS7200B
Manufacturer: Brother
Manufacturer Part No: S7200B
This is the ideal machine for garment construction, alteration, and production.  Below is a list of all of the features. If you have more questions please call our downtown office at 1-800-257-4989 and they will be able to quote you a price. 


  • Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use operation panel: The most commonly-used functions are located at the front of the L-shaped panel.  A symmetrical layout has been adopted as the user interface to make the function locations easy to remember. Plus, they are grouped and color-coded by the type of function so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

  • Easy-to-understand two-color graphic display: A two-color LCD panel has been adopted. The display details can be identified by color, and easy-to- understand icons are also used. 
  • Digital setting of maximum sewing speed: The maximum sewing speed can be easily set using the digital operation panel.
  • Sewing speeds are displayed in a sewing speed control display: The sewing speed can be changed easily at the control display, which allows the operator to check the sewing speed visually.
  • Easy setting using function key :Settings relating to sewing machine operation can be carried out at a touch using the function keys on the operation panel.
  • The number of stitches is counted: The number of stitches you have sewn is counted and a graphic display lights and buzzer sounds when a preset number is reached.  The stitch counter lets you know how much lower thread you have used and gives you an indication ofsewing length. It can be used as a production counter as well.
  • Easy to view with no eye fatigue: Because the panel uses a backlit LCD, the displays are easy to see.  The glare from the operation panel surface has been eliminated, so that it is much less reflective and does not cause eye fatigue.
  • Attractive sewing finishes for a wide range of materials: The S-7200 has an optimized needle bar, thread take-up loci and feed loci.  In addition, the adjustment range for the feed dog has been increased, allowing a greater range of different types of material to be sewn.   Attractive finishes can be obtained with no puckering or slippage, even with materials that slip easily and stretch materials.
  • A penetration force boosting function lets you sew even heavy materials: If the needle penetration resistance increases, such as when sewing heavy materials and materials with joints, vibration control automatically increases the penetration force. (Patent pending)

  • Optimized floating presser foot for long pile materials: A micro-adjustable type floating presser foot is equipped as standard. This device is ideal for controlling presser foot floating in materials that stretch easily and materials with long pile.   It prevents seam slippage and also prevents damage to the material.  In addition, three dimensional articles with irregular curves can also be handled with ease.
  • Presser foot pressure can reset easily: The presser foot adjustment screw has an adjustment scale.  The presser foot pressure can be controlled numerically, so that you can reset it easily and accurately when required.
  • Stable thread trimming: A rotary-type thread trimmer is used to provide stable thread trimming regardless of the type of material being sewn.
  • Adjustable tension release operation: You can set whether or not the tension release operates when the presser foot is raised.  Uniform thread tension can be obtained even while the presser foot is raised when sewing around corners,  thus maintaining attractive finishes.
  • Condensed stitching is possible: This feature is ideal for use when sewing thin materials that can easily pucker when reverse stitches are sewn. Condensed stitches have a smaller sewing pitch and they help prevent fraying.
  • Clean sewing with no staining : The S7200 utilizes Brother's advanced lubrication-free technology.  Thus preventing the age old problem of staining the work piece
  • Complete dry type (-45*) Max. sewing speed 4,000rpm : A lubrication-free rotary hook is installed.  No oil is used around the needle bar, thread take-up or rotary hook mechanism.
  • Semi dry type (-43*) Max. sewing speed 5,000rpm : Using a sealed oil tank, the oil is kept clean at all times (only the rotary hook is lubricated). A lubrication-free hook can be optionally installed ( Max speed 4,000 rpm)
  • Minimum lubrication type (-40*) Max. sewing speed 5,000rpm: The sealed oil tank only disperses the absolute minimum oil required to get the job done. Saving you money and keeping the job clean.
  • Smooth sewing with direct drive system : The leading direct-drive system on the S7200, optimizes the plain lock stitching processes that require operator control. This provides fantastic levels of reliability through the use of brother’s unique built-in direct-drive motor developed by Brother.  This results in the S-7200A providing greater responsiveness to the operators.  Tiny speed adjustments can be made as required i.e. the speed can be lowered when sewing curves to make sewing even smoother.
  • Low noise and low vibration for stress-free operation :With a chassis rigorously designed and tested by computer analysis down to the smallest detail, the Brother S7200 boasts a design that produces less noise, vibration and much better experience for the operator.
  • Machine head can be tilted back easily : Maintenance tasks that require the machine head to be tilted back have also been made safer.   A safety sensor is provided to stop the motor from operating while the head is tilted, even if the treadle is depressed
  • No lubrication required : The complete dry-type head uses a lubrication free rotary hook (optional), and no oil is used around the needle bar, thread take-up or rotary hook mechanism.   As a result, no lubrication is required at all.

  • Automatic greasing notification : As is required for dry head sewing machines, it is important to carry out the proper greasing maintenance.   To ensure that you get many years of unrivaled performance, the machine records the running time. Then when it is time for the machine to have a service, the machine will notify the operator on the panel
  • Gearbox oil level can be checked at a glance : All that's required is a quick look at the gearbox to find out how much oil is in the gearbox.   Further to the this, the gear box is fitted with special heat dispersing fins to ensure smooth, cool running.
  • Premier energy-saving design in the industry : The brand new built-in direct-drive motor has an optimized design that utilizes magnetic field analysis, and is the most compact motor of its type in the industry.   And instead of using a Vbelt,  the drive power is transmitted directly to the mechanisms with no losses. Thus creating a much more efficient machine. The Brother S7200 motor has further improvements over previous direct drive motors.  Compared to V-belt driven systems (AC servo motors), losses in efficiency are reduced by approximately 40% (compared to the previous Brother model),  meaning that this model tops the industry in energy saving.
  • Ergonomic design provides ease of use down to the finest detail : Every detail of this Industrial Sewing Machine has been designed around the best possible experience for the operator in terms of ergonomics, ease of use comfort, efficiency and reliability.
  • Smooth sewing with no hinge in the way: The position of the S7200 machine head hinge has been shifted 150 mm to the right, on the other side of the needle bar from the operator.
  •  Easy-to-operate bobbin winder: The bobbin winder is located at the top of the S7200 sewing machine arm.  This makes it easy to adjust the bobbin winding amount and to replace the bobbin
  • Various commercially available attachments can be installed quickly and easily: A variety of attachment taps are provided on the top of the bed.
  • Unobstructed view of needle area : The height of the arm jaw is raised to 71mm.  Plenty of space is provided around the needle so that the sewing area can easily be checked visually.
  • Maximum presser foot lift amount 16 mm: The knee lifter and the needle up stop (reverse rotation) function together provide 16 mm of space underneath the presser foot.  This makes it much easier to insert and remove heavy material without it getting caught on the needle.
  • Wide arm pocket makes handling sewing articles easier: The S-7200 has an arm pocket width of 300 mm and an arm height of 136 mm.  These wide arm pocket dimensions make it much easier to move and position the sewing article.
  •  Selectable starting speed:The sewing speed at the sewing start can be selected in accordance with the treadle depression amount.  You can set the speed according to the preferences of the operator
  • Extra space makes working more comfortable: Adoption of the direct drive system means that there is no motor underneath the table. The extra space thus provided underneath the table can be effectively utilized to make working more comfortable.

  • Quickback device: This is located in a place where it can be pressed easily in order to increase working efficiency.
  • Easy pulley operation: The adoption of a compact motor means that the distance from the pulley to the operator is shorter 505mm, and so the pulley can be operated more easily.
  • Friendly to the environmen: Brother has created its own "Brother Green Label"  classification for products that conform to the ISO 14021 international industrial standard and the JIS Q14021 Japanese industrial standard. The S-7200 complete dry-type head conforms to this classification. The premier energy-saving design in the industry, zero consumption of sewing machine oil and a 35% or more reduction in vibration makes this a very environmentally friendly sewing machine.