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Empress Quilter

MSRP: $7,995.00
Price: $5,995.00
You Save: $2,000.00 (25 %)
Item Number: TL18E
Manufacturer: Tin Lizzie
Manufacturer Part No: TL18E
The Empress Long Arm Quilter glides with ease over your quilt giving you the freedom to quilt where you want.  This ease of movement makes it easy to follow a pattern on paper with a laser light or echo a design in the quilt.  With the built-in bobbin winder and dual thread stand you can fill a bobbin while you are quilting keeping a bobbin ready to load when needed.  The Empress Long Arm Quilter has adjustable handles along with adjustable height frame to allow you to find your comfort zone.

  • Included Frame designed with home quilter in mind. It is made of 13 ply laminated Baltic birch wood, highest of quality and strength. Easy assembly allows for quilter to quilt from lap top to king size quilts. Queen Quilter18 mounts on easy carry deck that glides as if it was floating in air. This allows for ease of quilting. 1 1/4" conduit EMT pipe not included.
  • Stitch Controls - Your controller brings all your controls to you. You have needle position Up or Down. You have a speed or stitch length knob. You have the start slider switch. Slide the slider switch to the right and you have stitch regulation which the knob then gives you control over stitch length. Slide this switch to the left and you have speed control stitching and the knob will adjust the speed at which the machine is running.
  • Auto Needle Positioner - Quilter has the ability to have the machine stop in the needle up position or needle down position. It minimizes bending or breaking needles and allows for free movement of machine.
  • Larger Throat Size: 18" Arm - Larger throat size is space between the needle and back of machine. This allows you to quilt larger quilt patterns without having to roll material as often as the home quilting machines.
  • Laser Light - The built in laser light, with sample paper patterns included, simplifies following patterns when operating the quilting machine. Laser mounts on back of machine. Ergonomic handles can be moved to back side of machine for easier use.
  • Larger Bobbin Capacity - The bobbin has more than double the capacity of standard sewing machines, which helps in not changing bobbins as often with standard home quilting machines. The Empress uses large M size bobbins. The bobbins in the photo show an M bobbin on the left and an L bobbin on the right. L bobbins are the size used in home machines.
  • Bobbin Winder - The Queen Quilter Eighteen has a built in bobbin winder to wind your bobbins as you go or load up a few before you start. With the bobbin winder built into the machine you won't have to search your quilting room for where you last had your bobbin winder.
  • Hopping Foot - Hopping foot holds down the fabric while the needle completes the stitch. The foot height can be adjusted up and down for thickness of batting or material. The foot also allows for stitching next to rulers and templates.
  • Ergonomic Handles - They adjust up and down to minimize the risk of carpal tunnel injuries. They allow for ease of operation and a reduction of fatigue in the wrists, arms, and shoulders. There is comfortable rubber on the handles for a great feel.
  • Flexible Light - The light is mounted on machine and is adjustable for your convenience. Lighting floods the work area, so you can see every stitch, every detail.
  • Oil Reservoir - The Empress has an oil reservoir which keeps the bobbin area with the correct amount of oil so that you don't have to oil the bobbin area every time you change the bobbin. This helps keep oil off your thread and off your quilt you are working on. Three or four drops each time you start a quilt should keep enough oil in this reservoir so that your machine will continue to operate.
  • Tension - The QueenQuilterEighteen has easy to adjust tension control to help you get that perfect stitch.
  • Thread Stand - The Dual thread stand lets you have a spool for your quilting and one for your bobbin. By winding a bobbin as you go you will not be short a bobbin and you will be able to finish your quilt with out having to stop and fill a bobbin.

Empress Additional Information:

  • Machine Size: 37" x 17"
  • Machine Weight: 45lbs
  • Frame Depth: 39 1/2" (add 8" for maximum machine mobility)
  • Frame Length: Can be up to 10"